Day 1

  • What did you do today?

Today, we completed the task of extracting and analysing caffeine from tea. Firstly, we were given a short lecture from Dr Bonanni on caffeine, then we proceeded with the experiment. After obtaining powdered caffeine, we then to proceeded to analyse the samples with an infrared spectroscopy.

  • What did you learn today?

I learnt about caffeine's helpful and harmful effects on the human body and how to extract caffeine from beverages. We also learnt about carrying out experiments safely and handling harmful materials. (corrosive acids)

  • How did you feel about today's activities?

I felt that the activities were certainly an eye-opener, as we did not have access to such advanced laboratory equipment back in SST. The experiment carried out was interesting and knowledgable. Overall, I enjoyed the activities today and look forward to tomorrow's experiment.

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