• What sounds interesting about this project?
We always hear about caffeine present in many beverages. For example: coffee and tea. However, I have never actually seen pure caffeine in front of my own eyes. Also, caffeine is a very mysterious chemical and I would like to understand how it affects the human body.
Pure caffeine powder. Caffeine can kill in large amounts.
I have not previously heard about natural and artificial colourants present in food. I would like to know the difference between the two. Also, I am interested in the new chromatography method that we are using to identify the M&M colours.
Sweets like M&Ms are often coloured using artificial colours.

  • What do you think you can learn from this project?
Extraction of Caffeine from Beverages
  1. The chemical structure of caffeine.
  2. How and why caffeine affects the human body.
  3. Possible implications of caffeine use
  4. The methods of extracting pure caffeine from drinks.
Extraction and Identification of Artificial Colours
  1. The difference between natural and artificial colours.
  2. The means to extract colours from food items.
  3. How to find r-f values on chromatograms.
  • Any immediate questions regarding the project?
What are the possible applications of our findings?

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